Anne Hebert Award Recipients

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Past Winner


Sabrina MacGregor


Sabrina MacGregor is a student at EBSI, as well as a library technician at the Université de Montréal . She writes, “I never had the chance to meet Ms. Hébert, but her colleagues and friends have shared with me the positive impact she has had on the people around her, as well as on the public library community. Her values of empathy, compassion and solidarity resonate deeply with me as a future librarian.”


Léonie Grenier


Léonie Grenier has been working as a library assistant at the Bibliothèque de Québec for the past eight years. This experience showed her first hand the role of utmost importance public libraries play in breaking loneliness patterns, in lessening the digital divide, and in increasing literacy and information literacy. She has a bachelor’s degree in Ancient and Modern French Literature from Université Laval and is now studying Information Science at the master’s level at McGill University. She participates as a mentee in the mentorship program offered by the McGill ABQLA student chapter. She is also the Career Fair Chairperson of her student association, the McGill Information Studies Student Association (MISSA). She is an arts and culture enthusiast who reads an average of 100 books a year; she particularly enjoys graphic novels and classic books. She loves running and hiking.


Carol-Anne Côté 


Originally from the Eastern Townships, I have always been fascinated by the infinite, gentle world of reading. I quickly realized that a library is much more than a place for literature; it’s a place that brings people together, where inequalities are reduced. After a rather typical school career in History, interspersed with travel, various work experiences and involvement in committees with a feminist and environmental twist, in 2017, I made the leap to the big city of Montreal to do a Master’s degree in Information Science, with a focus on public libraries. Right at the end of my first year, I found myself a summer position as library manager for an international music academy at Orford Musique, a student librarian contract for the Quebec Public Library Association, as well as a student position at the Bibliothèque Yvonne L. Bombardier Library in Valcourt.