Selection Criteria for Student Scholarship

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Primary Criteria:

Enrichment opportunity provided by award:

  • Demonstrated uniqueness of opportunity offered by award
  • Explanation of how the award will facilitate or advance candidate’s studies and/or:
  • Explanation of how award will assist in developing candidate’s career.


Candidate’s contributions to ABQLA or the broader library and information sector, e.g:

  • Demonstrated contributions to the library and information sector through volunteer, extra-curricular or work activities.
  • Demonstrated contributions to the activities of ABQLA or of another library association
  • Demonstrated participation in the activities of the ABQLA or of another library association
  • Demonstrated potential for contributions to ABQLA
Additional Criteria:

Quality of application package, eg:

  • Completeness of answers to all questions
  • Quality of writing in proposal form
  • Relevance of recommendation
  • Presentation of CV, Professional publications and/or conference presentations.