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Opening Keynote

S. Bear Bergman



Justice of the Imagination, and the Power of Celebration

Helping to populate the landscape of a child or young adult’s imagination is a true pleasure and an awesome responsibility, one made both easier and more complicated by the explosion of books featuring characters we rarely or never saw until recently. But are all these books created equal? What makes one more impactful, more appealing, or more welcoming to young readers? Writer and publisher S. Bear Bergman shares his thoughts and suggests some answers based on what he’s learned in 20 years of work on equity and justice of the imagination.


S. Bear Bergman is an author, storyteller, educator and the founder and publisher of children’s book press Flamingo Rampant, which makes feminist, culturally-diverse children’s picture books celebrating LGBT2Q+ kids and families. He writes creative non-fiction for grown ups, fiction for children, the advice column Asking Bear, and was the co-editor (along with Kate Bornstein) of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation. These days he spends most of his time making trans cultural competency interventions any way he can and trying to avoid stepping on Lego. His 10th book is SPECIAL TOPICS IN BEING A PARENT, from Arsenal Pulp in the spring 2024.

Visit his website:

Closing Keynote




in conversation with Mathieu Lauzon-Dicso

Dynamic, funny and engaging, Barbada is a drag artist who has been performing throughout Quebec since 2005. In addition to delivering disco, pop and dance performances, the drag queen – who is also a DJ – hosts a number of parties, notably for Cirque du Soleil, several weddings and numerous corporate events, knowing how to adapt her approach to any occasion.

After several years of experience on stage, Barbada became known to a wider audience thanks to a variety of projects.

In 2016, she was in the documentary series Ils de jour, elles de nuit on ICI ARTV. That year, she also started Drag Queen Story Time, where she reads stories to children aged 3 to 8 years old, with the aim of promoting openness, acceptance and self-esteem.

In 2021, Barbada became one of the three mentors of Call Me Mother, a competition on OutTV, in which she acted as a coach for the next generation of drag performers, a role she continued for the second season of the show.

In 2022, she became the first Quebec drag queen at the helm of a children’s show with the series Barbada, on ICI TOU.TV, in which she invited artists to take part in her colourful universe in order to help children discover music from Québec.

She has also been featured on Bonsoir bonsoir! and in the radio programs De l’huile sur le feu and Il restera toujours de la culture on ICI Première. Barbada also had the honour of being the Star Fairy for Montréal’s 2022 Santa Claus parade.

With her humour, her candour and her values, Barbada shows us that drag is for everyone.

You can find her online at


Accessibility in the Library Catalogue


Christopher Carr (Concordia University)

Building a Literacy-Informed Technology Training Program for MLIS Students with MLIS Students


Emma Garlock, Kristen Howard, Miranda Monosky, Carolyn Pecoskie, Alisa Beth Rod, and Clara Turp (McGill University)

A Cataloguing Code of Ethics /
Un Code d’éthique de catalogage

(This event will be bilingual)


Christine Smith (Concordia University) and Chantal Guindon (Clarence-Rockland Public Library)
(CFLA-FCAB Cataloguing Code of Ethics Review Working Group)

Crafty (re)Connections in the Makerspace: Exploring the potential of traditional crafts for teaching digital competencies and fostering social experiences


Aeron MacHattie and Melissa Rivosecchi (Concordia University)

Democracy’s Library Canada: Access to Government Documents for All!


Loren Fantin (Internet Archive Canada)

Developing and Assessing a New System for Managing “Report a broken link” Tickets Using LibAnswers


Carolyn Pecoskie (McGill University)

Dewing the Library: Adapting the DDC to my Library’s Particular Needs


Marco de Petrillo (minibiblioPLUS)

Letting Us Ourselves Imagine a Little More: Dreaming Disability Archives Differently


Gracen Brilmyer and Sam Pappas (McGill SIS)

On the Road Again: Re-starting Collection Conversations Through Postcards


Jacquelyn Sundberg (McGill University) and Lora Baiocco (Westmount Public Library)

A New Normal: Library Orientations for Post-Pandemic Universities


Emily Jaeger-McEnroe (McGill University)

Projet Biblius: prêts de livres numériques en bibliothèque scolaire


Nancy Lusignan (Bibliopresto)

Les Réseaux BIBLIO: Québec’s Best-Kept Secret


Maxime Beaulieu (Réseau BIBLIO de la Montérégie)

Vanishing Websites: Preserving Student Publications in a Complex Digital Environment


Sarah Lake (Concordia University)

Posters & Lightning Talks

Bringing Space and Astronomy into the Library for All Ages


Trevor Kjorlien
(Plateau Astro)

Discovering 90 Years of Collaboration & Advocacy in the ABQLA Archives


Miranda Monosky (ABQLA, McGill SIS)

DRAW (Data Rescue Archives and Weather) Project Research on High Impact Weather Events using AI


Gordon Burr
(McGill SIS)

From Classroom to Reference Desk: Graduate Assistant Tales


Marianne Chiu-Lezeau and Jenna Coutts
(McGill SIS)

Happy Reading: Promoting ebooks in an Academic Library


Sofie Tsatas
(McGill University)

The Hellenic Library Project


Christina-Rose Papagiannis

Innovation and Public Libraries: A Case for the National Library of Greece and Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec


Spyros Caragiannis (McGill SIS)

Is It Returning If You’re New To This? : Transitioning From Virtual Student to Real-Life Librarian


Julia Merlini
(Bibliothèque Maisonneuve)

Open Research and Incorporating Change in Academic Libraries


Vidumini Morugama (McGill SIS)

Students Reaching Students: Building an Academic Library Outreach Program with Student Workers


Amanda Wheatley, Tamanna Patel, and Olivia Melanson
(McGill University)

Welcome Back : New Model of Work at McGill


Megan Chellew, Maryvon Côté, Joseph Hafner, Andrew Senior
(McGill University)

Therapy Dogs


Book Fair

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