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Presentations from the 2018 Conference

Opening Keynote:

Diversity & Inclusion in Action: Leadership at Any Level

Cynthia Orozco

Jennifer Brown

Marcela Isuster & Jessica Lange

Claire Burrows

Andréa (Drea) Schnell

Helen Fortin

Nathalie Martin

Kristine Nowak & Amy Mitchell

Joanne Karihwaienhne McGregor, Katsi’tsanó:ron McGregor, & Meg Sinclair,

Amanda Halfpenny

De-Stress Station

Michelle Maloney

Camillo Zacchia

Junior Tidal

Robin Canuel, Christopher Carr, Alexandra Kohn, & Sonia Smith

Poster Sessions

Closing Keynote:

Learning to Read like Hermione: Gaps, Symptoms, and Power

Marcelle Kosman