Review: Little Shrew

Book cover art for little shrew

Review: Little Shrew

Book cover art for little shrewLittle Shrew

Written and illustrated by Akiko Miyakoshi
Kids Can Press, 2024

ISBN: 9781525313035 (hardcover)
$21.99 CAD (hardcover)
72 pages

Ages: 5 to 8 years old

Review by: Alexander Slack

There is something bittersweet about Little Shrew by Akiko Miyakoshi. This children’s picture book tells three short stories about Little Shrew’s life, dreams, and friends, accompanied by soft charcoal and paint illustrations. On the one hand, there is a loneliness to the hazy drawings and relatively mundane life Little Shrew lives. Yet, there is such a gentle peace and domestic comfort in his stories. Little Shrew is humble, curious, and easy to relate to. The beautiful drawings and the straightforward narrative carry a dreamlike quality, making for a tranquil and relaxing reading experience. Highly accessible for children aged 5 to 8, this book is a great transition from picture books to chapter books.