Review: The Gulf

Cover of the book The Gulf by Adam De Souza.

Review: The Gulf

Cover of the book The Gulf by Adam De Souza.The Gulf

Written by: Adam De Souza
Tundra (an imprint of Penguin Random House Canada), March 2024

ISBN: 9781774880739 (hardcover)
ISBN: 9781774880753 (paperback)
ISBN: 781774880746 (eBook)
$25.99 CAD (hardcover)
$17.99 CAD (paperback)
$10.99 CAD (eBook)
240 pages

Ages: 14 and up

Review by: Erin Dunlop

Dissatisfied with the prospects of life after graduation and desperate to escape the rumors and heartbreak of senior year, Oli runs away to join the Evergreen commune, a place she’s fantasized about for years, in this coming of age graphic novel. With friends Milo and Alvin, she searches for a meaningful future while contemplating her past on a beautiful remote British Columbian island. With a classic cartoonish style and compelling use of monochromatic colours, De Souza captures the angst, ambition and radical hopefulness of young adulthood. The characters’ desire for something more than the path set out for them is deeply relatable, and the remote, coastal setting is the perfect backdrop for their self-reflection. Visually captivating and emotionally resonant, The Gulf is an excellent read for anyone 14 and up.