Meet our Speakers 2023


Lora Baiocco (she/her) is the Online services and archives librarian at the Westmount Public Library. She manages and develops a bilingual library website, implements and evaluates online services, and bridges the gaps between traditional archives and the digital world.

Maxime Beaulieu (he/him) is the  Directeur général of the Réseau BIBLIO de la Montérégie. After 20 years working for the City of Montreal Libraries, Maxime now helps small rural municipalities strive towards excellence. He also has the chance to teach the public library class at the McGill SIS, which is a learning experience for both students and teacher.

Gracen Brilmyer (they/them) is an assistant professor at McGill University’s School of Information Studies and director of the Disability Archives Lab. Their work investigates the ways that disabled people use, experience, and understand themselves through archives as well as how to tell histories of disability when there is little or no archival evidence. For more:

Gordon Burr (he/him) is an adjunct professor at the McGill School of Information Studies. Gordon is a double graduate of McGill University, retired archivist, and a founding member of the DRAW weather research project .

Spyros Caragiannis (he/him) is a student in McGill’s Master of Information Studies program and President of the McGill ABQLA Student Chapter. He graduated from John Abbott College’s Information and Library Technologies program and has worked at McGill’s Research Grants Office, where he contributed to the development of Records Management policies and procedures.

Christopher Carr,

Christopher Carr (he/him) is Special Materials Cataloguing Librarian at Concordia University. He is ABQLA delegate and chair of the CFLA-FCAB Cataloguing and Metadata Standards Committee and a member of the Canadian Committee on Metadata Exchange (CCM).

Megan Chellew (she/her) is coordinator of Cataloguing & Metadata at McGill University. She is presenting a poster with other members of the management team in Collection Services at McGill University.

Marianne Chiu-Lezeau (they/them/she/her) is a graduate student at McGill’s School of Information Studies. Marianne is an anthropologist who works as a research coordinator at Université de Montréal. Their research interests cover young adults, socio-political engagement, and information behaviours. They hope to become an academic librarian focused on outreach.

Maryvon Côté (he/him) is Coordinator of Interlibrary Loans and Document Delivery at McGill University, since 2019. Maryvon has been a librarian at McGill University since 2003. He is presenting a poster with other members of the management team in Collection Services at McGill.

Jenna Coutts (they/them) is a student in McGill’s Master of Information Studies program, having previously studied religion at the University of Manitoba. They intend to pursue academic librarianship after graduation.

Marco De Petrillo (he/him) has been the librarian at minibiblioPLUS, powered by the Fraser-Hickson Institute, for over three years. Marco has a professional interest in cataloguing and a scholarly interest in the significance and function of books across cultures.

Loren Fantin (she/her) is Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives Lead at Internet Archive Canada, in addition to co-leading Democracy’s Library Canada initiative. Loren has many years experience in the GLAM sector working on digitization and access to cultural heritage collections.

Emma Garlock (she/her) is a current graduate student in McGill University’s Master of Information Studies program. She holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and biochemistry with a specialization in bioinformatics.

Chantal Guindon (she/her/elle) is the Acquisitions & Cataloguing Coordinator at Clarence-Rockland Public Library and member of the CFLA-FCAB Cataloguing Code of Ethics Review Working Group

Joseph Hafner (he/him) is the Associate Dean of Collection Services at McGill University. Joseph is co-Chair of the Steering Committee of the Canada Linked Data Initiative. He is also Chair of the IFLA Linked Data Technical sub-committee and a founding member of IFLA’s Special Interest Group on LGBTQ Users. He is presenting a poster with other members of the management team in Collection Services at McGill.

Kristen Howard (she/her) is the Liaison Librarian for History, Classics, Indigenous Studies, and Religious Studies at McGill University. She attended North Carolina State University’s Jumpstart Program in August 2021, which led to her interest in becoming involved with a similar program here in Montreal.

Emily Jaeger-McEnroe (she/her)  is the Liaison Librarian for nutrition, bioresource engineering, agricultural economics, and food science at McGill University. She also manages the Macdonald Campus Seed Library.

Trevor Kjorlien (he/him) is a Space Educator who runs Plateau Astro, a small company in Montréal dedicated to teaching people about space, astronomy, and culture. Visit for more!

Sarah Lake (she/her) is the Digital Preservation Librarian at Concordia University, where she leads the development of the Library’s digital preservation projects and infrastructure. Sarah’s research interests include archival advocacy and outreach, web archiving, and community-driven digital preservation.

Mathieu Lauzon-Dicso (he/him) has quickly established himself as a leading expert in speculative
fiction in Quebec. Former literature professor at Marianopolis College, where he created the Horizons Imaginaires
Award, Mathieu has since launched the Imaginaire collection at VLB éditeur, opened Saga Bookstore
in Montreal and was program manager for the Salon du livre de Montréal. He recently joined the
Omada agency, where he takes care of the literary division, specializing in science fiction and

Nancy Lusignan (she/her/elle), diplômée de l’EBSI en 2010, a d’abord travaillé en bibliothèque publique, puis comme bibliothécaire scolaire durant 7 ans. Depuis février 2019, elle travaille chez Bibliopresto, un OBNL dont le mandat est d’offrir des services numériques aux bibliothèques, où elle coordonne le projet Biblius.

Aeron MacHattie (she/her) is a Teaching & Research Librarian at Concordia University Library. At work, she focuses on reference, research consultation and instruction in literature and history. She is excited about book history, digital humanities projects, and watching her seedlings grow.

Olivia Melanson (she/her) is a first-year undergraduate student at McGill University in the Faculty of Arts who is planning on majoring in Political Science and minoring in Indigenous Studies and Economics. Olivia works with Amanda Wheatley as an Outreach Assistant at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

Julia Merlini (she/her, they/them) graduated from McGill University’s Master of Information Studies Program in 2022. Julia worked for the Kirkland Public Library during her studies. and was privileged to be hired by the Bibliothèque Maisonneuve soon after. She is  a part-time public librarian at the Bibliothèque Maisonneuve. Working for the city of Montreal network allows her to work in many other libraries as well, such as the Benny Library, Bibliothèque Saint-Léonard, and more.

Miranda Monosky (she/her) is a recent graduate from McGill University’s Master of Information Studies program and she holds a B.A. and M.A. in Geography. She works as a Student Librarian at Concordia University Library.

Vidumini Morugama (she/her) is a graduating student from McGill University’s Masters of Information Studies program. Vidu recently finished a practicum position where she worked on projects relating to open research.

Christina-Rose Papagiannis (she/her) is a MISt Candidate at McGill University with a BA in History and Anthropology. Christina-Rose works as an assistant librarian and has been involved with Immigrec’s Hellenic Library Project since its establishment in late 2022.

Sam Pappas (she/her, he/him) is a graduating Master’s student from McGill University’s School of Information Studies and a research assistant with the Disability Archives Lab. Sam is interested in the ways that disabled and multiply marginalized individuals access and use information, and the role of community archives in these interactions.

Tamanna Patel (she/her) has a BA in Philosophy and International Development Studies from McGill University. Tamanna has worked with Amanda Wheatley as an Outreach Assistant at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library for the last two years.

Carolyn Pecoskie (she/her) has been working as the Metadata & Electronic Resources Librarian at McGill University since February 2020. Prior to joining McGill, Carolyn worked as a hospital librarian. She holds an MI from the University of Toronto and a B.Arts Sc. from McMaster University.

Melissa Rivosecchi (she/her) is a Teaching & Research Librarian, Social Sciences at Concordia University Library. Her work focuses on providing research and instructional support to Education students and faculty. Melissa enjoys using her digital die cutting machine to make paper and vinyl crafts, and can’t pass up a good yarn sale for crochet projects.

Alisa Beth Rod (she/her) is the Research Data Management Specialist at McGill University. Alisa holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a B.A. in Bioethics from the American Jewish University, and she is pursuing a Master of Information Studies degree at McGill.

Andrew Senior (he/him) is an Associate Librarian, and the Coordinator of Electronic Resources and Serials. Andrew’s research interests include resource description and discovery, linked data modelling for continuing resources, and post-MARC models. He is presenting a poster with other members of the management team in Collection Services at McGill University.

Christine F. Smith (she/her/elle) is the Head, Acquisitions and Serials at Concordia University Library and the Chair of the CFLA-FCAB Cataloguing Code of Ethics Review Working Group.

Jacquelyn Sundberg (she/her) is Outreach Librarian for the rare books and special collections units at the McGill University Library. Combining experience in both public and academic libraries with her Masters degrees in English Literature and Information Studies, Jacquelyn uses her skillset to make library collections accessible to a broader audience.

Sofie Tsatas (she/her/elle) is a Music Historian and a Senior Reference Assistant and Cataloguing Editor at the Marvin Duchow Music Library at McGill University. Sofie’s research interests include music and decolonization, accessibility, and mental health awareness.

Clara Turp (she/her) is the Discovery Systems Librarian at McGill University Library. Clara started at McGill in 2018 as Metadata Analyst Librarian and transitioned to her current position at the end of 2018 where she manages the library catalogue and its integration with peripheral systems. 

Amanda Wheatley (she/her) is the Liaison Librarian for Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship at McGill University. Amanda is also the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. Currently, she is doing research on how artificial intelligence can augment information-seeking behaviour. Other research interests include entrepreneurship, user experience, and emerging technologies.