Review: All that Grows

Cover of the book All That Grows by Jack Wong.

Review: All that Grows

Cover of the book All That Grows by Jack Wong.All That Grows

Written and illustrated by Jack Wong
Groundwood Books, 2024

ISBN: 9781773068121 (hardcover)
$21.99 CAD
32 pages

Ages: 3 to 6 years old

Review by Elisabeth de Grandpré

All That Grows is a beautifully stitched together story of a brother learning about nature, gardens, and food from his older sister. Canadian author Jack Wong’s pastel illustrations are detailed, beautiful, and vibrant. The flow of the story is natural and engaging. We follow brother and his sister as they explore their neighbourhood, and brother learns about flowers along the road. Then, about how and why different plants grow the way they do. We go from their home garden to their kitchen, where brother learns what we can or cannot eat, and why. In brother’s perspective, we accompany his blooming thoughts and questions about the garden, and life itself. He wonders why “some plants are called vegetables, and others are called weeds” or why he doesn’t know as much as his sister. I enjoyed the grounded look into their life through the lens of nature and gardening. I’d recommend this dynamic book for school and public libraries.