Review: Club Microbe

Book cover art for Club Microbe

Review: Club Microbe

Book cover art for Club MicrobeClub Microbe

Written and illustrated by Elise Gravel
Drawn and Quarterly, 2024

ISBN: 9781770467026 (hardcover)
$23.95 CAD
56 pages

Ages: 3 years old and up

Review by Mell

Follow along with Elise Gravel as she discovers the wonderful world of microbes!  Club Microbe is Elise’s latest non-fiction illustrated story book for children. She brings to life the invisible world of germs and microbes in a way that children can understand. The story is written and illustrated in Elise’s signature style  in a way that is appealing to children. A simple science experiment is also included in the book for children to do at home or at school so that they can experience and see the microbe world for themselves. Club Microbe does an excellent job of demystifying the invisible world of microbes and germs, making them seem less scary in this post-pandemic world. This book is a great addition to any library that children above the age of 3 have access to, whether personal, public or a school library.  Its bright and quirky illustrations are perfect for developing independent reading or even for story time.